Warriors At Ease

As co-founder of Warriors at Ease, Molly has helped transform the way trauma was treated and healed in military communities.

As co-founder of Warriors at Ease, Molly has helped transform the way trauma is treated and healed in the military community. With the mission to bring the healing power of yoga and meditation to the military communities around the world, Molly helped introduce these holistic practices to those suffering from combat stress, trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS). With her co-founders, Molly helped develop curriculum and programs based on extensive experience of teaching yoga in military settings.

Warriors at Ease continues to flourish today. Their primary focus is to support the health, resiliency, post-traumatic growth and connection of military service members, veterans and their families through the practice of yoga and meditation. Their curriculum is designed to train WAE teachers around the world, and is based on solid research, including studies that involved several co-founders. Their commitment is to train yoga and meditation teachers while also providing wellness programs that serve veteran and military communities. But their curriculum has recently evolved to allow teachers to serve other populations that endure trauma or high-stress, such as first-responders, survivors of sexual abuse and vulnerable youth.  

There are multiple ways to get involved and help Warriors at Ease bring it’s mission to fruition. First, if you’re a yoga/meditation/health care practitioner, you can complete one of several trainings and begin bringing the Warriors at Ease methods into a community near you. Visit http://warriorsatease.org/how-to-get-certified/ to learn more about certification and the various trainings WAE offers.

For those wishing to give a monetary donation, visit http://warriorsatease.org/donate/. There are several ways you can help Warriors at Ease through a monetary donation. All donations go to funding for programs and scholarships to make the trainings and classes available to those in the military community.  

Molly Birkholm