It is possible to create a workforce that thrives and even excels in the face of stress.

Using research-based techniques that are being used to train high-performance special operations teams in the US military, professional athletes, and senior leadership at top companies, Molly can empower your team with a new paradigm for stress management.

Science and psychology are helping us understand that what makes us strong is not merely what we are capable of enduring, but how we are capable of achieving this.  The science of resilience includes creating the optimal physical and mental conditions for us to keep our peace in challenging situations by learning to feel, welcome, and bounce back, instead of suppressing and silently enduring.  Modern scientific research is validating this approach to both preventing stress and trauma, as well as healing it.

The Stress Management & Resilience Training Program is an innovative research-based protocol that provides a toolbox of skills to manage stress, improve mental clarity & productivity, improve interpersonal relations, and strengthen physical and mental health and wellness.


What is Resilience?

Resilience is our ability to stay physically, emotionally, and mentally balanced during stressful and challenging circumstances.  Science and psychology are helping us understand that what makes us strong is not merely what we are capable of enduring, but how we are capable of achieving this.  We know more now than ever before about how to create the optimal physical and mental conditions to thrive amidst stressful situations.

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Workshop Topics (Details upon request; Topics can be edited/reordered as needed):

1) Maximizing Resilience & Productivity Using Stress Management Tools
2) Overview of Stress Management: Theory & Practice
3) Applying Mindfulness Practices in Daily Life
4) Learning to Energize & Calm the Body with the Breath
5) Techniques for Cultivating Emotional Resilience
6) Techniques for Strengthening Mental Resilience

7) Improving Mental Clarity & Memory
8) Mastering Sleep
9) Cultivating Deeper Connections in Relationships
10) Conscious Listening & Communication
11) Transforming Challenges into Strength
12) Health & Wellness Management, Life Balance, & Self Care

Each Segment Includes:

 Lecture/ Discussion
 Mindfulness and Stress Management Practice Sessions, including guided mindfulness meditation, breathing exercises, and, during some classes, movement practices that are accessible for most people
 Personal practice & evaluation tools
 Q&A and optional follow-up activities and practices to integrate into daily life

Practical & Inspirational Follow-up

For each session, Molly provides a ‘toolbox’ of corresponding supplemental resources to help support the class theme, including downloadable relaxation practices, guided meditations, breathing exercises, inspiring reads, pertinent articles, research, lifestyle ideas to integrate into daily life, resource lists, and more.

Sessions are shared via video calls. Recordings of the sessions can be made and compiled into a ‘viewing library’ that can be rewatched by team members and shared with family.

Additional Individualized Sessions

Private sessions with individuals who have an interest/need for more targeted support can make a significant difference.  Working one-on-one in a confidential setting allows participants to open up about which stressors are limiting their performance or overall well-being to make sure they get the tools they need to support them both in their lives and in the workplace. Together, we come up with comprehensive plans that address sleep patterns, emotional challenges, work/ life balance, and ways to integrate these tools into interpersonal relationships.  In addition, co-meditation techniques can be used to help work through challenging situations and/ or for creative purposes. Participants find these sessions useful for assessing and changing limiting stress patterns, tracking lifestyle habits including sleep, diet, exercise, work/ family/ life balance, and in shifting challenging interpersonal dynamics.

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