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Accessible Yoga Conference

October 11, 2019 – October 13, 2019 all-day
Integral Yoga Institute
227 W 13th Street
New York
New York 10011

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How can we create an inclusive, equitable and accessible yoga community? How can we adapt yoga practices (asana, breathing, meditation) to support people with disabilities, injuries or chronic illness? What effect does the constant barrage of marketing images that reinforce society’s narrowly defined beauty standards have on our students? How has the #MeToo movement influenced important conversations about consent culture, abuse, and led to questioning the gurus and lineages we may have held dear?

Many people seem to be waking up and asking: Where is yoga heading? What really matters in this community and industry? How does my teaching welcome or alienate people who are new to the practice? What about my role in cultural appropriation? What does it really mean to be accessible? Who is the face (and body) of yoga?

For the Accessible Yoga Conference in New York City, we are joining the search for deeper meaning. We’ll be exploring topics like yoga and wellness, adaptive and chair yoga, therapeutic yoga for illness or injury, race and yoga, yoga for vets, yoga in recovery, yoga to support underserved communities and folks with marginalized identities, living our values while still operating in systems of oppression, and most of all, connecting, supporting, and rejuvenating folks who are dedicating their work and their lives to helping the world see the humanity in one another. Join us in creating a yoga community that is equitable and accessible. 

New York City

Alexis Miller