Molly Birkholm Keynote Speaker, Author, Show Host, Advisor, Trauma Educator, Multi-Disciplinary Artist and Teacher Trainer

Molly’s stress management programs, resilience training, and trauma treatment programs are used by leaders and top organizations around the world, including the US Department of Defense, JPChase, McKinsey & Company, and the Young Presidents' Organization. She is the co-founder of Warriors at Ease, which has trained over 2000 teachers who share yoga and meditation to 65 military bases and VA Centers. She helped pioneer evidence-based trauma-sensitive yoga and meditation programs for PTSD in the military and other communities affected by trauma, including human trafficking survivors and homeless communities. Molly teaches trainings and retreats around the world and also online on The Great Courses and as a Featured Teacher & the host of the Women’s Empowerment Initiative on Yoga International.  Click Molly's name above to learn more!

Inger Birkholm Meneghetti Director of Operations

If you are thinking Inger looks like Molly, there is a good reason!  Inger is Molly’s sister and as Molly says, “Director of my Life.”  Inger keeps everything running, organized, peaceful, and happy… event planning, finances, research, and about 1,000 other things. Inger is also “Super Mom” to two incredible boys and married to her Brazilian engineer husband.  She is a graduate of Miami University and was previously a teacher.  She should probably be the Creative Director for a home design or cooking magazine, but we need her too much!

Alexis Miller Director of Marketing & Social Media

A friend, collaborator, creative and social media expert, Alexis was brought on to Molly's team after meeting at a iRest training. Click Alexis' name to learn more about her!

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